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A skilled attorney can help you protect your financial security throughout paternity, divorce, and other family law actions. Whether you are seeking to secure custody, determine reasonable spousal support or establish child support, our experienced legal staff can help.

At The Law Offices of Dale R. Bruder, we have more than 29 years of family law experience in arriving at a resolution to your matter that is tailored to your individual goals and needs.

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Know Your Options, Secure Your Rights

Providing the financial security your family needs can be a complicated task, especially following a divorce. For your property interests and parental rights, our experienced lawyer offers representation designed to meet your specific family's needs. We put more than 29 years of experience to work for you; our office can assist with a number of family law concerns such as:

  • Spousal support: California bases temporary spousal support amounts upon predetermined guidelines and permanent spousal support upon a series of factors designed to assist the spouse who is in need of financial support.
  • Child support: California bases child support amounts on predetermined guidelines. We are experienced in uncovering hidden assets and income when there are issues surrounding self-employment, rental income, commissions, pensions, bonuses and other types of "income-in- kind." We also handle child support enforcement issues, including contempt matters.
  • Child custody and visitation: We represent fathers or mothers seeking custody, including temporary custody determinations as well as post-judgment requests for modification or enforcement of an existing order. We also handle custody matters involving allegations of child abuse or drug use and have experience with parental assessments that may be required in making either the initial custody determinations or move-away custody requests.
  • Divorce: Our firm will handle all aspects of your divorce proceedings, including division of community property, family businesses and marital debt.
  • Adoption:  We will complete your adoption and work to protect your interests. Trust in our experienced representation to help you find the favorable resolutions that you desire.

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