Experienced Guidance Through Complicated Divorce Matters

The legal end to a marriage carries significant long-lasting implications. Experienced legal counsel can help you protect your property interests and parental rights throughout the process.

At The Law Offices of Dale R. Bruder, we have spent more than 35 years helping clients throughout their divorce proceedings. We offer the benefits of knowledgeable representation, attention to detail and dedication to your specific goals.

Personalized Divorce Counsel

Our dedicated legal team can provide comprehensive guidance throughout your divorce proceedings. Our lawyer will tailor representation to your specific needs and concerns. Through this personalized service, we can help you deal with a number of divorce-related issues, including:

  • Community property division: Use and possession orders for homes, vehicles, businesses, and final orders dividing all marital property. We regularly work with forensic accountants to provide accurate business and property valuations when seeking to divide family businesses, stocks and business assets. We will draft a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) to divide retirement funds and pensions.
  • Division of marital debt: We will help you divide credit card debt, mortgages, business debts and other debt fairly; protect your financial security now and in the future with a clear and concise order.
  • Spousal support: Spousal support is based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, the length of marriage and each party’s income potential; we will help you seek a fair outcome.
  • Child support: Financial support for children is based on state guidelines; we help fathers or mothers seeking temporary custody while the divorce is pending final determinations, and with petitions for post-judgment modification or enforcement.
  • Child custody and visitation: We help you establish child custody and visitation through filing of initial orders, modifications and enforcement.

Our firm also manages separation agreements, dissolutions of domestic partnerships and domestic violence restraining orders.

For more than 35 years, our office has offered advice aimed at favorable and expedient resolutions to your divorce proceedings. Regardless of the complexities of your divorce case, we have the experience necessary to guide you. Attorney Bruder’s military experience is also beneficial in divorces involving matters of military benefits and pensions.

To discuss your individual divorce concerns with an experienced attorney, call us today at 559-733-3727.